Vice President Oktay spoke at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the last day of the 2023 budget negotiations: (2)

Vice President Fuat Oktay, TurkeyStating that Turkey is on the way to become a source country in addition to being close to the source countries in natural gas, “Turkey will become an energy base with the steps we will take for the natural gas center we plan to establish in Thrace.” said.

Oktay took the floor on behalf of the government on the entire 2023 budget at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Turkey CenturyExpressing that they will build Turkey together with the nation, Oktay stated that they will continue to realize the development and democracy dreams of the nation at the highest level with the Turkey Century program.

Reminding that they have completed the production and integration activities of Türksat-6A, Turkey’s first national communication satellite, and that they will launch it into its orbit in 2023, Oktay said that the flight model tests of the first national observation satellite İMECE have also started, and that the satellite will be in orbit in 2023.

In 2023, the new data center, which will include the new generation supercomputer TRUBA, will be opened. AnkaraOktay, who gave the information that they will open in Turkey, stated that the capacity of the works to be done in the field of artificial intelligence in Turkey will increase 5 times.

Stating that the domestic Togg, which has been implemented with the aim of becoming a global brand in the electric vehicle market and has the internet of things infrastructure, will be on the roads in March 2023, Oktay said, “That will not be enough, it will be on the roads in Europe and other countries of the world, we will see it all together. ” he said.

Model Factories, which make significant contributions to the productivity increase of manufacturing industry enterprises, especially SMEs, will continue until the end of 2023. Kocaeli, Denizli, Eskisehir, Samsun, Trabzon ve Malatya Expressing that they will also establish in the cities of Ankara, AKM-Gar- Red Crescent Subway line, İstanbul Gayrettepe- Istanbul Airport Metro Line, Istanbul Basaksehir- Kayasehir He stated that they aim to complete the construction of the Metro Line and make it ready for opening.

Oktay, Kocaeli with 1210 beds City Hospital2 thousand 60 beds İzmir Bayraklı City Hospital, 1875 beds Gaziantep City Hospital and 610 beds Kütahya He said that they will add the City Hospital to the “pride table” of city hospitals next year.

“We are on the way to becoming a source country in natural gas”

Black Sea Sakarya Noting that they will make the natural gas to be produced in the Gas Field available to the citizens in the first quarter of 2023, Oktay said, “In addition to being close to the source countries in natural gas, we are on the way to becoming a source country. With the steps we will take for the natural gas center we plan to establish in Thrace, Turkey will become an energy base. “Our work on the road continues seriously and rapidly. The first unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is planned to be commissioned in 2023.” used expressions.

Eskisehir forty600 tons in Balikesir Stating that they will advance the establishment of a lithium carbonate production facility with a total capacity of 700 tons, including 100 tons, in Bandırma, Oktay said, “The feature of this facility is that it is one of the rarest elements in the world. In this sense, our facilities are important.” said.

“We will expand the Income Protection Insurance”

Oktay, KonyaHe stated that they will expand the Income Protection Insurance, which is the most advanced agricultural insurance product that was launched as a pilot in Turkey and protects the producers against the risk of both yield and price decrease, in all provinces in 2023.

Noting that with the budget of the 100th anniversary of Turkey, they will make a strong start to the new century of the Republic, the ‘Century of Turkey’, Oktay said, “One of the primary goals of our vision for the Century of Turkey is to root peace in our country. Equipped with domestic and national technologies that eliminate threats to our at their source, without reaching our borders. It will be the century of strategic with an understanding of national defense whose sphere of influence is three continents and whose interest is the whole world. made its assessment.

Explaining that the new century will be the century of decisive diplomacy that surrounds the world with its foreign representative network, has a say in regional and global issues, Oktay said, “We have not come easily to the point we have come to without making concessions. “Even if you write scenarios woven from clouds, we are walking towards our bright future. The negativities in global markets cannot intimidate us. Again, we are the ones who will leave the difficulties behind and make our nation comfortable. As the People’s Alliance, we will continue to take steps that will benefit our nation and add value to our country.” he said.

Stating that he has experience in turning the crises Turkey has faced for the last 20 years into opportunities and challenges into profits, Oktay said that they are working to bring Turkey to the place it deserves in the world by overcoming many obstacles, from the tricks of the tutelage to the attacks of terrorist organizations, from coup attempts to global economic traps.

“International organizations raised their growth forecasts”

Oktay stated that they have prepared the budget in accordance with the economic policy based on the principle of enlarging Turkey with the target of investment, employment, production, export and current surplus with the experience gained from the past.

Oktay said, “Like all our budgets, our 2023 proposal is based on an approach that will protect all segments from employees to employers, from students to retirees, from tradesmen to farmers on the one hand, and to support investment and production uninterruptedly on the other hand.” used the phrases.

Reminding that there have been sharp increases in commodity prices, especially in products, which are the main determinants of the global economy, Oktay said that unemployment continues as a global problem, and that budget deficits, inflation and indebtedness rates have reached historical levels in many countries.

Emphasizing that there are discussions about recession, that is, economic recession and contraction, in many places, Oktay reminded that international organizations have raised their 2022 growth forecasts for Turkey. Oktay continued his words as follows:

“We implement our economic policies with an approach in which we put the work, life and livelihood of our people in the first place. In the period of the new government system, our country’s economy was managed with prudence despite the disruptions in supply and the epidemic, global uncertainty, conflicts and wars.

The number of people employed in our country, which showed an average growth performance of 4.2 percent in this period, reached 31.6 million as of October 2022, from a total of 28.2 million at the end of 2017. While the world economy contracted by 3 percent in 2020, when the epidemic caused great damage all over the world and unfortunately millions of people died, and even the Euro Zone contracted by 6.1 percent, the Turkish economy was Government With the proactive decisions taken within the framework of its system, it was able to grow by 1.9 percent. By reaching a record level of 11.4 percent growth in 2021, it has also managed to become the fastest growing country among the G20 countries.

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