Vitalik Buterin corrected his mistake! He increased his donation 100 times.

Vitalik Buterin, in total, will contribute to the fund created for earthquake victims and will be transferred to Ahbap. 100 ETHHe made the first donation. Quantity is approximate based on current price 150 thousand dollars is doing.

It had a great reaction

Buterinbefore yesterday’s transaction 1 ETH He forgave and reacted. While it is not known whether this is a test transaction, the founding name transferred 99 more ETH today. Known for his philanthropy, Buterin has often encouraged donations or donated personally. The biggest example is pandemic during India’was his help.

Crypto donations are growing

The crypto community has been striving to heal the victims since the beginning of the earthquake disaster. Millions of dollars worth of support was provided to the crypto money donation addresses created in this direction. Haluk Levent’headed by Buddy‘s crypto wallets as of today 4 million 215 thousand USD worth of cryptocurrencies were sent. Cryptocurrency donation amount when combined with other funds 6 million dollarsit’s getting better.

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