Vocational high schools in Thrace have been converted into stove production workshops to prevent earthquake victims from getting cold.

Stoves are produced in vocational high schools in Thrace in order to be sent to the provinces affected by the earthquakes, which are described as the “disaster of the century”.

Edirne Professional and Technical Anatolian High School teachers, industrial tradesmen and volunteers manufacture stoves in the workshops of the school.

Şeref İlhan, Deputy Principal of the School, told reporters that they will continue production to support the citizens in the earthquake region where the cold weather is effective.

Aytaç Memişler, one of the volunteers, stated that they produced stoves for earthquake victims.

Memişler, who stated that they went through days when everyone had to be supportive by holding on to a job, said, “I worked as a welder before. Even though I am not a professional, I try to contribute as much as we can. I came to support my teachers by saying that it would be beneficial if we tightened a screw.” he said.

Uzunkopru in the district Architect In Muslihiddin Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, teachers and students also started to produce stoves.

It was stated that the stoves produced will be sent to the region in a few days.


In Tekirdağ, 100 stoves made by industrial tradesmen and teachers from empty oil barrels for those affected by the earthquake were sent to the earthquake zone.

In the Süleymanpaşa district, industrial tradesmen and Tekirdağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School teachers continue to turn empty oil barrels into stoves in the school’s workshop.

100 stoves produced by tradesmen and teachers in the first place were sent to earthquake zones.

Tekirdağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School machine teacher Özcan Özgenç stated that everyone is trying to do their best for the earthquake victims.

Expressing that they will produce 100 stoves every day, Özgenç said, “Our production will continue. Stoves are made here by using all possibilities. The state, the nation, the tradesmen are trying to do something here. We continue to work with the materials provided with the support of the industrial tradesmen. We continue to work with 150 people from time to time in the workshop. We thank the people who work here and support us.” said.

Son Dika Current Vocational high schools in Thrace were turned into stove production workshops so that earthquake victims would not get cold – Last Minute

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