Volunteers from Thrace went to the earthquake zone to support the work.

Kirklareliwith 170 volunteers from Tekirdag Mufti and Turkey 49 people, consisting of the volunteers of Diyanet Foundation Tekirdağ Branch, went to the region to support the search and rescue efforts in the places affected by the earthquakes.

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras Support teams are sent to the regions affected by the earthquakes.

Groups of different professions in Kırklareli are traveling to the city center by buses. Luleburgaz He was sent off from the district to the earthquake zone.

Kirklareli Mayor Mehmet Siam KesogluIn his statement here, he said that they have mobilized all the opportunities for those affected by the earthquake.

Earthquake Indicating that Turkey is a single heart because of the reason for this, Keskinoğlu thanked the volunteers and philanthropists.

Deputy Mayor of Lüleburgaz, Kemal Pektaş also stated that there was great pain and that the wounds would be healed in unity and solidarity.

A team of 49 people from Tekirdağ Mufti went to the earthquake zone

A team of 49 volunteers from Tekirdağ Mufti and Turkey Religious Foundation Tekirdağ Branch came together in front of the mufti.

After the aid materials were loaded into the vehicles, the teams set out to go to Kahmaramanmaraş.

Teams will work to provide financial and moral assistance to earthquake victims.

Son Dika Current Volunteers from Thrace went to the earthquake zone to support the work – Last Minute

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