Warehouse clerk arrested for selling smuggled goods

Edirne Hamzabeyli The officer who allegedly sold illegally a large amount of customs smuggled goods caught at the Customs Gate and entrusted in the warehouse of the warehouse was arrested.

According to the information received, by the Hamzabeyli Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Regional Directorate, Edirne Office of the Prosecutor Within the framework of the ’embezzlement and smuggling’ investigation carried out before the customs warehouse, 10 customs officers and 15 civilian institution personnel, who allegedly gained unfair advantage by illegally selling a large amount of original customs smuggled goods, were released after taking their statements.

Following the investigation, 8 suspects, including the customs manager, customs officer, warehouse clerk, security guards and civilians, were detained and transferred to the prosecutor’s office. One warehouse clerk out of the 8 suspects whose procedures were completed at the prosecutor’s office was arrested by the court he was brought to, while the other suspects were released on condition of judicial control.

On the other hand, it was determined that individuals embezzled a large amount of smuggled original goods worth about 15 million by removing them from the customs warehouse. – EDIRNE

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