We asked ChatGPT to explain Bitcoin like a 1920s gangster. The result is so funny!

ChatGPT, a text-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform… People continue to discover that they can use it to write all sorts of things, including jokes, poems, stories, predictions about cryptocurrency prices, and even explaining , and it’s very popular these days.

We asked ChatGPT to explain like a 1920s gangster. The result is so funny!

To shed some light on the latest blow to the crypto space when the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) forced crypto trading platform Kraken to shut down its staking services in the US, we asked ChatGPT to explain. We asked him to do it in a 1920s gangster style.

Coincidentally, the AI ​​did a very good job; used its vocabulary, narrative style, content and sentence style similar to those of movies and TV series featuring organized crime groups from the ‘roaring twenties’ era that marked the American scene at that time.

I say it like a gangster

First, ChatGPT deftly introduced the subject, forcing the text to be written in 1920s gangster style:

“Well boss, let me explain for you. is like this stash of cash we keep, look. It’s all digital instead of just being in a physical place like a safe, you got it? Just like regular money, you can use it to buy things, but there are a few important things. there is a difference.”

AI, like a skilled storyteller, went on to explain the key benefits of this type of money using relatable and simple terms for a mob:

“First of all, it’s completely anonymous. No one knows who does the transactions, which makes it a pretty sweet setup for us. Second, it’s decentralized, so there’s no responsible person or bank, it’s all run by the people who use it, got it? So the best part? Of course it’s completely untraceable. No government, no bank, no one can track where Bitcoins come from or where they go. It’s like we’re running our own little shadow economy.”

Finally, like a watchful gangster of the 1920s, ChatGPT warns its imaginary boss about the importance of understanding the potential risks of dealing with , while at the same time reiterating its advantages:

“Now, the value of a can change just like the stock market, so you have to keep an eye on it. But if you play your cards right, you can get a really nice payout. Just remember, it’s a risky and you have to be careful or you could lose everything.”

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