‘We protect our historical and national values’

Keşan Municipality In cooperation with Keşan SARDOS (Saros Nature and Sports Association), a press release was held in Keşan Municipality on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, regarding the project “Keşan 100 Years, On the Road to Victory” on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Great Offensive Victory.
The press release was made at the Keşan Municipality Presidential Office and started at 15.15.
In the statement, Keşan Mayor Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, who gave information about the project to be realized in partnership with Keşan Municipality, stated that an important project that will raise awareness has been signed in cooperation with Keşan Municipality and SARDOS.
With the project “Keşan 100 Years, On the Road to Victory”, SARDOS members; Stating that they will pedal for 9 days on the 100th anniversary of the Great Offensive Victory, Helvacıoğlu said, “As part of our project, the Turkish Flag, which will be taken from the Akşehir Western Front Headquarters, will be delivered to the İzmir Governor’s Office on September 9. Within the scope of the project, a total distance of 650 kilometers will be covered. We are giving the message that our historical and national values ​​should be protected. I already; I would like to thank our team for taking part in this meaningful project. May their path be open…”

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