What causes bruising on the arm after giving blood?

Of course, you can be a little scared when we feel sluggish or when doctors ask you to give blood. After the blood donation process is over, we usually relax.

However, you may be alarmed when you see the bruising immediately afterwards. So, what is the reason for this situation, which is generally seen in everyone after donating blood?

Don’t be afraid to donate blood

As a result of blood donation, there may be situations such as bruising on the arm immediately. While this situation may occur depending on the person, it may also occur with the carelessness of the nurse who performed the needle. Let’s open these two situations a little more;

Body structure comes first among the reasons related to the person. If you are a weak person, you may have a bruise on your arm from which blood was drawn. In weak people, vascular access is difficult, and if the nurse finds this way too late after performing the piercing, the blood will come into contact with oxygen. If you have noticed, greenish colors appear just around the pinhole in such cases.

In that case, you don’t have to worry. Let’s explain the second situation;

What causes bruising on the arm after giving blood?

Sometimes nurses can insert the needle too much into the vascular access during the blood collection process. In such cases, the needle comes out across the vein and punctures the vein. Since some blood flows under the skin after the vein is punctured, dark red spots can be seen with green bruises.

As you can see in the picture above, these colors come out as a result of vein explosion. But you don’t have to worry because the vein renews itself within minutes and closes the punctured part. If the redness on your arm does not go away in a short time, it is useful to see the hospital.

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