What is happening to the world! A continent splits in two

african continent, It splits into two, albeit very slowly. As you can imagine, this splitting event, like everything else in geology, is an extremely long process that will take millions of years, but eventually East Africapart of the continent from the rest of the continent and possibly between the two land masses. of a new ocean will give birth.

Countries have been announced

massive fragmentationOne of the world’s largest rifts, stretching thousands of kilometers downstream through several countries in Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. East African Rift System Associated with (EARS).

in 2004 Due to this rift system, the African plate is split into two plates that are moving apart at a super-slow rate of one millimeter per year, according to a study.

The crack continues to grow

News of a crack that emerged in Kenya in 2018 went viral and many people do AfricaHe claimed it was proof that the . While this eerie scene is about EARS, presenting it as living proof of Africa’s great division would not be entirely accurate.

It was probably a highly localized expression of the regular rifting activity of the valley. EARS, approximately 25 million years this process continues, and the crack in Kenya can be interpreted as an indirect whisper of what is happening on the continent.

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