Wheat fields turned green with the last rains

– Wheat fields have become green with the last rains

Drought-experienced wheat made producers happy with the last rains

After completing its first phase, wheat enters the ‘chill’ phase.

KIRKLARELİ – KirklareliThe wheat, which was endangered by the dry month of October, pleased the producers with the last rains.

TurkeyWith the dry October in Thrace, one of the important grain warehouses of Turkey, the producers were uneasy. Producers, who are breathing comfortably with the last rains, expect high yields in wheat. The wheat fields, which turn green with the effect of precipitation, have completed their first phase before winter and are going into the ‘chill’ phase. Due to the drought, wheat that should have been planted in October in some regions in Kırklareli was planted towards the end of November.

The recent rains

Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture President Ekrem Şaylan stated that they started planting with an unfamiliar season and said, “We had an unexpected and unusual season in the wheat planting season. “Our friends who planted early experienced difficulties. However, with the rains in the last days, there are visible and pleasing developments in the wheat planted areas. It has really improved to the level we want, with the hot weather and rainy weather,” he said.

“When the rains came, our losses decreased to a very low level”

Emphasizing that the damage has decreased to a very low level in the areas planted early with the last rains, Şaylan said, “When the rains came, our losses decreased to a very low level. What does this mean that the wheat plantings in the next year will reach the desired level. Currently, our producers are very satisfied with the condition of the wheat. It was as we hoped, like the beginning of the season. If there were, difficult days were waiting for us,” he said.

Wheat has reached the required level before winter

Expressing that wheat has various stages, Şaylan said that it has reached the required level before winter. Mentioning that wheat should see 5, -6 degrees, Şaylan said, “Wheat has various stages. There is a tillering stage and then a chilling stage. After a certain period of time, wheat needs a certain temperature to make siblings, and wheat needs to see -5, -6 degrees. “It has to get cold. If we take into account the climate change, they have started to change. If it freezes, the wheat yield will not be as good as the previous years. After that, important wheat has reached the level it should have been, and that’s why we are satisfied,” he said.

On the other hand, the greening wheat fields were viewed from the air.

Son Dika Current Wheat fields turned green with the last rains – Last Minute

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