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The 12th meeting of Six Tables will be held today at 14.00 at the Felicity Party Headquarters. The Presidential candidate is expected to be determined today at the Six Tables, which includes CHP, IYI Party, Felicity Party, DEVA Party, Future Party and Democrat Party. The name of the Presidential candidate of the Six Tables is expected to be announced to the public in the coming days.

The Leaders’ Meeting, which will be attended by the leaders of the six political parties that make up the Nation Alliance, will be held at the Felicity Party Headquarters at 14.00.

The main agenda of the meeting, which will be attended by the leaders of CHP, IYI Party, Felicity Party, DEVA Party, Future Party and Democrat Party, will be the determination of the presidential candidate.

Finally, the leaders of the six-table meeting on February 18, with the ‘Earthquake Special Agenda’, said in a statement after the meeting, “As the National Alliance, we announced that we will hold our routine meeting, which we planned in advance and postponed after the earthquake, on Thursday, March 2, hosted by the Felicity Party. We will present it to your information”.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener met on 27 February. During the meeting, which lasted for 2 hours, it was stated that the issues that caused the inconvenience were largely resolved.

It was evaluated that the meeting held after Akşener’s statement on a television program that he attended, “We are not a notary public, the table will determine the candidate”, is of great importance for the alliance. It was learned that Kılıçdaroğlu had said to his staff, “We had a good and productive meeting, there is no problem between us,” at the CHP Central Executive Board meeting held after the meeting.

IYI Party Spokesperson Kürşad Zorlu made statements about the meeting of the 6-party table on March 2. “The name of the candidate will be announced on March 2,” Zorlu said.

IYI Party Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Kürşad Zorlu said, “May our nation be well-rested, on March 2, the Nation Alliance will determine the 13th President, show this will and share it with our nation as soon as this will becomes common.”

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