While Android 13 is still new, Google will delight everyone with Android 14!

Due to their strict control over mobile distribution lately, users Google and made major criticisms of Apple. AppleUnlike , Google technically allows third-party app stores on the operating system, but they have disadvantages compared to the official Google Play store.

It looks like 14 will remove some of these disadvantages.

14 comes with innovations that will put an end to criticism

According to XDA Developers, the code in the 14 developer preview shows that the OS will make third-party app stores run more smoothly. Judging by the changes, it will make it easier for alternative app stores to install and update their .

Apps from outside the Google Play store or other pre-installed app stores gained the ability to passively install background updates with 12, but control of when to safely update those apps was hindered.

For example, the user could not easily tell if they were using an app at the time, so doing background updates was interrupting users. This made automatic updates difficult or even impossible for , possibly from third-party distributors.

While Google Android 13 is still new, it will delight everyone with Android 14!

Thanks to a new API in 14, Google will allow the system to control whether an app is in the foreground, on-screen, interacting with users, on a phone call, or whether the device is in sleep mode. OS updates along with Android 14 will make things a lot easier by letting the system handle everything.

Another Android 14 change will be the ability to stop pre-installed app stores from automatically updating apps from third-party stores. When users enable “Update Ownership” after installing from an outside source for the first time, it will not allow the Google Play store or any other first-party store to update that app without the user’s consent.

Also, third-party app stores in Android 14 will allow users to ask for permission before automatically updating apps, making certain apps more secure.

How do you find these changes that will come with Android 14?

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