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Bilecik Deputy Mayor Melek Mızrak Subaşı became the agenda of the social media after the visit of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu to Bilecik. Subaşı, who also left a mark at the Joint Consensus introductory meeting held by the Nation Alliance components, was at the top of the Twitter agenda for hours.
Melek Mızrak Subaşı, a 1989 Bulgarian immigrant, sat side by side with Uzunköprü Mayor Özlem Becan during the meeting yesterday. Posing together for the lenses, the duo also had contact with other mayors without leaving each other.

Melek Mızrak Subaşı was born in 1988 in Bulgaria. He completed his primary and secondary education at Edebali Primary School and high school at Bilecik Anatolian High School. Melek Mızrak Subaşı, who completed her Bachelor of Architecture at the Bulgaria Sofia Higher University of Construction, Architecture and Geology, completed her master’s degree with thesis at the same university. He started his duty as Bilecik Deputy Mayor with the local elections on March 31, 2019.
Subaşı also assumed the duties of Head of the Zoning Commission, Clerk of the Council of the Assembly, Principal Member of the City Aesthetics Board, Chairman of Bilecik Belediyespor and the Manager of Bilecik Women’s Cooperative.
He works for many projects on behalf of the city of Bilecik as a natural and permanent member in associations such as the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the Union of Healthy Cities of Turkey, the Union of Historical Cities and the Union of Marmara Municipalities.
After Muharrem Tüfekçioğlu, who was elected instead of Mayor Semih Şahin, who was dismissed by the Ministry of Interior, was dismissed as deputy chairman, 35-year-old Melek Mızrak Subaşı, the candidate of the CHP, was elected the new deputy mayor of Bilecik Municipality in April 2022.

Melek Mızrak Subaşı is married and has a child.

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