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“Who should be the candidate of the People’s Alliance?” initiated by Trakya Politik. The survey continues. On the morning of Monday, March 6, Doğu Perinçek leads the race by a wide margin.

On social media, “Who should be the candidate of the Nation Alliance?” or “Who will you vote for in the presidential election?” such surveys are incessant. Millions of votes are cast in polls opened by accounts with millions of followers. Not to mention the millions of votes used from fake accounts…

Trakya Politik put an end to this information pollution and organized a boutique survey, not a giant one. The results of the survey, in which 56 organic accounts voted, continue as follows:

Devlet Bahçeli: 25% Tayyip Erdoğan: 12.5% ​​Mustafa Destici: 7.1% Doğu Perinçek 55.4%

Here is that ongoing survey:

We are independent but not impartial. As Trakya Politik, we reiterate our hope that Devlet Bahçeli will come out first in this survey.

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