Why did Apple CEO Tim Cook cut his own salary? The truth has come out

The unforgettable American tech giant CEO’su and became the CEO after its founder, Steve Jobs. Tim Cook He joined in March 1998. Tim Cook, who served as CEO for a period of 2 months in 2004, when Steve Jobs temporarily left his job for the first time for cancer treatment, once again assumed the short-term senior managerial position in 2009 for a similar reason.

Tim Cook’un long term CEO’luk His duty started in January 2011 and has been continuing for 12 years. The famous name, who came to the fore many times with his salary during this time, earned $98.7 million from shares and additional compensation in 2021, and increased this amount to $99.4 million in 2022.

Why did CEO Tim Cook cut his own salary? The truth has come out

With this of the year 2022 Tim Cook’s salary was questioned by the shareholders, especially after the company’s stocks depreciated by up to 20% in the stock market.

who do not want this situation to turn out to be a problem Tim Cook He stated that he wanted 40% of his salary to be cut to the board of directors for 2023. With the acceptance of this request, the income of the famous CEO may fall below $ 50 million in the new year, but the board of directors is also in the face of this sacrifice. Tim Cook’a Let’s also mention that the given share has increased by 50%.

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