Why have Trump’s views on crypto changed?

It’s worth remembering that after the news broke that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, would launch a unique collection of token () trading cards, it wasn’t always that obvious.

Why have Trump’s views on crypto changed?

Donald Trump’s collection of 45,000 NFTs printed on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain was met with excitement after announcing its launch on social media platform Truth Social on Dec. 15 and quickly sold out at its original price of $99.

Trump holders are also given the chance to win a dinner with the former president, play golf with him at the golf club, make Zoom calls, have a live meeting with Trump, and receive hand-signed mementos by Trump himself.

Trump wasn’t always a fan

However, Trump began with a very skeptical attitude about the new asset class, stating in July 2019 that while he was still in the White House, he was not a fan of virtual assets with “highly volatile” value:

Two years later, the former president referred to (BTC) as a ‘scam’ and stated that he didn’t like it because it was “another currency competing with the dollar” that he wanted to be “the currency of the world.” As he explains:

“And I don’t think we should have all the Bitcoins in the world. I think they should regulate them very, very highly. It diminishes the importance and importance of the dollar.”

Criticism on launch

As for the latest adventure, not all Trump’s supporters agree. Keith and Kevin Hodge, stand-up comedians and vocal Trump fans, tweeted that “Whoever told Trump to do this needs to be fired.”

In another post they said:

“Dude, this is pushing people away while all the Patriots are looking for hope for the future of our country and Trump tricks everyone with the ‘BIG ANNOUNCEMENT’ and then releases a low quality pickup video as the ‘announcement’…”

Meanwhile, the resale of Trump Digital Trading Cards, exceeding 7,092 ETH, continues on the trading platform OpenSea, and is currently worth about $6.63 million considering the price at the time of publication.

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Volume and price of Trump Digital Trading Cards. Source: Offshore

Interestingly, not all proceeds from the sales will be diverted to Trump’s 2024 campaign, but will instead go to the former president as part of a licensing deal, with some of his aides raising concerns about Michael C. Bender and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times reportedly.

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