Why is Bitcoin among the “world’s hottest topics”?

Businessman and author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki reiterated his support for (BTC), noting that the cryptocurrency has the potential to act as an alternative to the current fiat system.

Why is among the “world’s hottest topics”?

Kiyosaki said on the February 2 session of The Rich Dad Radio Show that he has labeled among the “three hottest topics in the world” alongside precious metals due to the depreciation of the US dollar.

“It’s the hottest topic on the market today, and it’s not real estate. The thing here is gold, silver and of course . So the reason these three things are the hottest topics in the world right now is because our money is fake.”

is ‘people’s money’

Based on the potential revealed by , Kiyosaki went on to refer to the asset as “people’s money”. While the best-selling author admitted that he didn’t know much about , he was happy to buy the asset while it was still worth $6,000.

In addition, Kiyosaki seemed to greet the decentralized nature of by stating that the current financial system is fraudulent and characterized by theft.

Kiyosaki; “Right now this whole system is fake. I’ve been saying this for years, it’s fake money. I love . I call it people’s money. I don’t know much about now, but I’m glad I got it for $6.00. That’s all I know right now.”‘ said.

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Bitcoin holders will become rich

Specifically, the investor described the dollar as ‘fake’ and stressed that the currency continues to be devalued by increasing pressure from the Federal Reserve. As a result, he accused the Fed of failing to contain inflation, resulting in a worsening economic outlook.

Along these lines, Kiyosaki had previously predicted that Fed policies would in turn trigger an increase in Bitcoin’s value, enriching its holders. Indeed, Kiyosaki suggested that Bitcoin will likely stand out as regulators crush other assets classified as securities.

Finally, it is worth noting that, as reported by Finbold, at the end of January, the financial education advocate observed that the global economy was already in a recession and predicted a hard landing.

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