Will Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant be affected by an earthquake? Important question answered

Kahramanmaras7.7 and 7.4 earthquakes that occurred in Report, Adana ve Hataybesides Myrtle felt all around. One of the questions that comes to mind with the earthquake is Akkuyu Is the Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) close to the fault line or will it be affected by a possible earthquake?


TurkeyMersin, where Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), the first nuclear power plant of Turkey, was built. AFADAccording to . There is no active geological fault line within a radius of 100 kilometers of the area where Akkuyu NPP is built. Equipped with the latest technologies, the power plant is built to withstand both earthquakes of magnitude 9 and tsunami. although Gulnar Although the Ecemiş fault, which affects a part of the district, does not pass near the Akkuyu NPP site, steel carcasses with advanced physical and mechanical properties are used in Akkuyu NPP to withstand the most severe earthquakes. Another measure taken against earthquakes and tsunamis is the height of the power plant above sea level. Akkuyu NPP is being built at an altitude of 10.5 meters above sea level in order not to be affected by earthquakes and tsunamis.


Equipped with an interlocking multi-layered system, Akkuyu NPP is among the safest nuclear power plants in the world. Throughout the entire life cycle of the power plant, from construction to operation, safety is prioritized. The works related to the construction of the power plant are constantly supervised by national and international expert organizations. These inspections are carried out in multiple steps by Akkuyu Nuclear A.

Security statement from Akkuyu NGS


Many studies have been carried out since the 1970s to determine the seismic characteristics and risks of the area where Akkuyu NPP is built. In order to monitor the seismic situation, 15 seismic stations were established and studies were carried out on faults, seismic threats and tsunami formation risks near Akkuyu. Detailed investigations were also carried out within a radius of 300 kilometers of the power plant site. As a result of these comprehensive studies, 78 separate reports with a total of 27 thousand pages were prepared.


In order to update the data within the scope of the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Boğaziçi University between 2011 and 2012. Kandilli Observatory Earthquake Research Institute (KRDAE) Russia Science Academy- The world Institute of Physics (IPE RAS), Worley Parsons Europe and United States of Americaconducted four different seismic hazard studies for Akkuyu NPP by four independent research groups, from RIZZO. It was noted that a comprehensive tsunami hazard assessment for Akkuyu NPP was also carried out by the Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Civil Engineering and Marine Engineering Research Center. According to the Akkuyu NPP Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Akkuyu NPP site is considered among the regions with low earthquake risk in Turkey, according to the study conducted by the Middle East Technical University (METU) Earthquake Engineering Research Center. .

Security statement from Akkuyu NGS


He made evaluations about the earthquake in the broadcast he participated in a television channel. Turkish Earthquake Foundation Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdik, underlined that he conducted a scientific study on the effects of earthquakes in the nuclear power plant project. Bogazici University Honorary Professor, famous earthquake expert Prof.Dr. Erdik answered the question of whether Akkuyu NPP is under earthquake risk, as follows: “I am one of those who made the first project of the nuclear power plant in 1975. I was one of the ones who made the last project. The power plant is not currently in any danger in terms of earthquakes. We (by modeling) brought the earthquake of 8 to 20 km near Akkuyu on the Ecemiş fault. “There will be no structural problems. There may be operational problems, but there will be no structural problems. The tsunami hazard has also been calculated. Everything has been calculated.”


Istanbul University Head of Cerrahpaşa Geological Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Huseyin Ozturk In his statement on a television channel, he emphasized that Akkuyu is among the regions with low seismicity in Turkey. Prof. dr. Öztürk said, “Today, the places where the nuclear power plant was established in Akkuyu, Sinop‘she already KonyaThere are some more passive areas like the center of . So there are areas that are a little further from the fault. These are places where we do not expect great destruction. That’s why the three places they said to build a nuclear power plant are Akkuyu, Sinop and Edirne (Thrace) region,” he said.


According to the authorities, the spending on systems in the Akkuyu NPP project constitutes 40 percent of the total cost of the power plant. It is stated that the VVER 1200 used in the reactor of the power plant also provides advanced safety conditions and has the ability to withstand natural disasters.


Hacettepe University Faculty of Engineering, Nuclear Energy Engineering Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Reminding that safety is the first priority in deNGS projects and it is not possible to make concessions, she shared the following information: “ criteria are very important in nuclear power plant projects and it is not possible to make concessions on them. Therefore, all international and national national and international levels are determined while determining the site where Akkuyu NPP will be built. Standards have been complied with.In the power plant, which will consist of 4 power units with VVER-1200 type 3 + generation reactors, each of which has a power of 1200 MW, safety is given priority.In addition to active systems, these new generation nuclear power plants provide electricity against the negative effects of a major earthquake and tsunami. The source is also equipped with passive systems that do not require operator intervention or automatic system.It is possible to give an example of the system that passively cools the steam generator, which is an important part of passive safety systems.Another example of these safety systems is the control rods using the reagents to stop the chain reaction with the effect of gravity. ctor is to descend to the choir. These are just two examples among the many elements of the systems at the plant. Structural tests and controls are carried out at Akkuyu NPP to show that the safety conditions are met and that it has the ability to withstand extraordinary external effects such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

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