Wireless technology that allows America to hit “anywhere in the world”!

As the Doomsday Clock shows with 90 seconds to midnight, this fear in times of distress is growing. Political troubles, nuclear missiles and wars between countries are things none of us want. However, countries are gradually developing their weapon . One of them is America.

The US Air Force is stepping up its efforts to protect nuclear missile equipment. Based in New York for the world’s largest wireless ad-hoc network Persistent Systems with the company A $75.5 million contract signed.

Global wireless communication

Persistent Systems will launch the Infrastructure-Based Regional Operations Network (IRON) for Air Force Global Strike Command, creating a secure unified network for 400 operational Minuteman III intercontinental-range nuclear missile silos located across the United States.

In short, IRON will enable the USA to launch missiles even at the furthest distance by using airspace communication in the countries where this system is installed.

Serving the U.S. Air Force’s Regional Operations Image (ROP) program, IRON It will cover a geographic area of ​​25,000 square miles (70 square kilometers), making it the world’s largest wireless ad-hoc network. Allowing aviators to share voice, video, chat, sensor and GPS data, MANET can connect edge networks into a single unified network for increased situational awareness.

The ability to hit anywhere in the world has become America's!

Approximately 700 IRON systems will be installed in this huge area. The Integrated MANET Antenna System, which can connect 75 operation centers and more than 1,000 Force vehicles, and is easy to install on fixed towers and poles, is very important for America.

Adrien Robenhymer, responsible for Persistent business development “U.S. military bases can span tens of thousands of square miles, and as there is currently no dynamic, high-bandwidth way for headquarters personnel to track and reliably keep in touch with personnel patrolling this vast area.” said.

IRON systems are currently deployed at missile sites and will continue to be deployed for the next 36 months.

How do you evaluate this system, which gives America a big trump card?

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