With the effect of drought and lack of precipitation, the water level of the Yazir Dam has decreased.

TekirdagThe water level of the Yazir Dam, which is used to meet the water need in agriculture in the Süleymanpaşa district of Turkey, has dropped due to the drought and the temperature above the seasonal norms.

Due to the drought, cracks formed in the soil in some parts of the dam.

Süleymanpaşa Chamber of Agriculture President İmdat Saygı told reporters that there was a decrease in precipitation and an increase in temperatures throughout the country.

Emphasizing that even though the end of January has not snowed yet, Saygı said, “We experienced 2022 as a dry year. After entering 2023, there was no expected precipitation. There is no problem in wheat at the moment. We have received a certain amount of precipitation, but there is no water in the streams. Dams are known to you. “The farmer’s expectation is at least a snowfall.” said.

Saygı stated that the water levels of other dams and some ponds in the city also decreased.

Pointing out that precipitation will gain more importance in April and May, Saygı said, “We are experiencing a truly unprecedented year. We have not experienced such a drought for 50 years. Turkey As in the whole of Thrace, the rains were not as expected. Weather reports show rain in the coming days. If it happens, our farmers will be relieved,” he said.

Son Dika Current With the effect of drought and lack of precipitation, the water level of the Yazir Dam fell – Last Minute

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