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Some mayors in Thrace celebrated March 8, International Working Women’s Day with their own photographs last year, targeting the men’s heads in the image of the Thrace Political celebration. What happened this year after that news that made a sound?

This year, we saw far fewer male heads in the posts of mayors. Tekirdağ, the only metropolitan municipality of Thrace, removed the male head.

Babaeski, one of the big municipalities of Thrace, tried to integrate the issue with the earthquake by publishing a video. However, the mayor, Abdullah Haji, couldn’t help but put his own portrait at the end of the video.

CHP’s new-born Enez Mayor Özkan Günenç is one of those who shared his own photo…

We can’t say anything about the image of Vize Mayor Ercan Özalp. Someone should remind Ercan Mayor that the municipality needs a graphic designer urgently!

Pınarhisar Mayor İhsan Talay, who even put his own photo on the barriers in the infrastructure works in the district, could not help himself here, he is in the background again. Since the left was very strong in Pınarhisar and İhsan Bey was chosen from the lottery, he did not neglect to add a word of Atatürk to the image in order to invest in the local elections one year later.

Someone must have warned Süleymanpaşa Mayor Cüneyt Yüksel, who has pasted his photo all over Tekirdağ, in the March 8 image he shared this year. Yüksel, however, refrained from calling women a woman and celebrated the “women’s” day this year as well.

Shall we do Nirvana? In Lalapaşa and Süloğlu, the neighboring districts of Edirne, one municipality is from AKP and the other from CHP… Look at the images on Women’s Day, which is “every day, not just one”. Look at the communication mistakes that create the worst legacies that can be left in the grandchildren’s bag in the future.

Let’s put aside the mayor’s heads, which were scattered among the flowers on March 8th. The day we realize that International Working Women’s Day is not about flowers and insects, a lot will change in this country. All right, what was March 8?


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