Ürfet Gavaz (65) and Neriman Evegü (63), who cling to life with the hand knitting course they attended at the Public Education Center in Edirne after surviving cancer, not only contribute to their home economy, but also knit scarves and berets for earthquake victims.

Edirne Ürfet Gavaz, a trainee of the ‘Our Labor Gains Women’s Entrepreneurship Production Cooperative’ operating within the Public Education Center, married and mother of 2 children, was diagnosed with breast cancer a while ago. Gavaz, who started treatment, started a hand knitting course in the cooperative as a hobby in this process. Gavaz, who defeated cancer with the support of the course after his operations, contributed to the home economy. Gavaz has recently started to knit scarves and berets for the victims of earthquakes. Stating that she did not work before the hand knitting course, Gavaz said, “This is the first time I have made money. I have never been in such jobs, I have never worked. I am 65 years old, I am very happy to earn my own money for the first time, I am very peaceful. I got a little sick, I had cancer. When I came here, my life started again. It was like I found it. I was very happy,” he said.

Stating that she is currently using protective drugs, Gavaz stated that they knitted winter clothes for the earthquake victims in this process, adding, “I had breast cancer, I survived. I manage with protectors. The job has a great contribution. I was bored at home. I forget myself when I go out and come here. I am very happy when I come here. “I had a good day. I was connected to life and I had an income of 3-5 cents. In this process, we knitted berets and scarves for the earthquake victims. We helped them all. We are ready to help as much as we can,” he said.


Neriman Evegü, who defeated uterine cancer, said, “It’s been 2 years since I started the course. I’m satisfied. I can’t stop without doing handicrafts anyway. I went to many courses. Since I can’t read, I now come to such courses as I can. I have never worked, I always worked as a tailor at home. I am also uncomfortable like my friend. He said: “I have had uterine cancer, but I have had it a lot. I have recovered now. Now we knit shawls, hats and vests for earthquake victims. We brought something from home. We brought what we had for children and adults,” he said. Handicrafts teacher Arzu Yılmaz explained that there are 800 women working in the cooperative and their work for earthquake victims. They produced clothing in line with the needs of the earthquake victims. Our students knitted. Hats, berets, cardigans, vests, whatever they could have prepared something with their heart. We are still sending them. Sewing, knitting, production continues, “he said. Yılmaz said, “First of all, they socialize. They interact with each other here. There are positive developments. First of all, they gain self-confidence. They earn money, support the family budget. They meet their own needs. Even though they cannot earn large sums, they can meet their own needs. Now they always have money in their wallets,” he said. (DHA)

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