World’s heaviest baby made history! She surprised everyone with her weight

A mother in Brazil gave birth to a baby weighing 7.3 kg and measuring 60 centimeters tall. Angerson SantosAmazonas State, Parintins’He was born by cesarean section at Padre Colombo Hospital in AngersonWith this weight, she broke the record for a baby girl who came to the world in 2016 with a weight of 6.8 kilograms.

Average of newborn boys 3,3 kg and girls are known to weigh 3.2 kg. To identify this type of babies macrosomes term is used. Regardless of the gestation period, 4 kg’Any baby weighing more than .

Makrozomili babies make up about 12% of births. In mothers with gestational diabetes (high blood sugar that occurs during pregnancy), this occurs in 15% to 45% of births.

There are certain factors that increase a mother’s risk of giving birth to such a baby, and one of them is body weight. Obese mothers are twice as likely to have a newborn with macrosomia. Similarly, excessive weight gain during pregnancy macrosomes increases the risk.

Gestational diabetes is also emerging as a risk factor. Father Columbus doctors at the hospital, Angerson’He states that the reason for his large body is his mother’s “diabetes condition”. The increase in maternal insulin resistance during pregnancy can also be a cause even in those who do not have gestational diabetes.

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