Wounds are healed with the support center established in Elbistan

From the first day of the earthquake, mobilizing all the means at its disposal, University of Trakya, ElbistanIt continues to extend a helping hand to earthquake victims by establishing a support center in .

Edirne The support center, which grew with the support of the Governorship, the help of the citizens and the Trakya University family, and was established with the facilities of the university, Kahramanmaras There is hope for Elbistan. Acting in an organized manner since the first day of the disaster, Trakya University created a sustainable living space by meeting the needs with the soup kitchen, health center, market place, tents, containers and toilets it brought to life within the support center it established in the region.

“We provide services to our people who are affected by the cold that reaches 20 degrees”

Undertaking the coordination of the support center established by Trakya University in Elbistan with both its own resources, the help of the people of the region and the support of the Edirne Governorship, Trakya University Deputy Secretary General and Health and Culture Sport Head of Department Lecturer See. Burak Iscimen said, “From the first day of the earthquake, our teams have been fighting on the field with their heart and soul. The aim of our center we established in Elbistan is to create a systematic and sustainable living center. We have mobilized all our manpower and opportunities for this. We bring three kinds of hot meals together with our victims at lunch and dinner every day in our kitchen.Currently, we will increase our meal capacity of 600 people to 1000 people as soon as possible. Kirklareli We started our food service with the volunteer teachers of the university. With the hero doctors, nurses, interns and assistant health workers of Trakya University, we created an area like a small field hospital here. On the first day of our center, which provides primary health care, we served 180 patients. We also have an emergency response point. Here, we provide services to our chronic patients, our children and babies who come for routine check-ups, and our people affected by the cold that reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius. We would like to thank our doctors, interns, nurses and all health workers who supported us. We have established an open market place in order to prevent the negative events experienced and to bring together the aid that the Turkish people have given intensively since the first day with the people of the region. All incoming materials such as clothing, food and blankets were classified in a way that would not cause any agglomeration and confusion in the area we created and presented to the service of our earthquake victims. The flow of material continues to the region. The center we established has become the most systematic place in the region. Aid trucks arriving at different points are also directed here. “Unfortunately, although we cannot undertake all of them, we continue to mobilize all the means at our disposal and deliver the aid to those in need.”

“We ran to the aid of our people with our 155 employees”

Stating that Trakya University has taken an active role in the field despite all the negativities of the earthquake and climatic conditions by being organized quickly from the first day of the earthquake. rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglu“By bringing together our own resources and those of our region, we established a support center in Elbistan. We rushed to the aid of our people with a total of 155 employees, 106 of whom are currently active in the field. Trakya University Elbistan, which we established with the goal of an orderly and sustainable living space. “We brought together the hot meals, health services, hygiene facilities, clothing and necessities needed in the Support Center with the earthquake victims. We create areas where people can eat and warm up. We coordinate one of the most systematic places in the region and invite all people in need to our center,” he said.

Stating that although Edirne is geographically the furthest point from the earthquake zone, Trakya University dispatched its teams and aids to the region with great speed. Dr. Tabakoğlu shared the information that they will continue their work without slowing down in order for life to return to normal.

Stating that Trakya University is always at the service of our country, Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, who did not spare his support even for a moment in the works and is currently HatayEdirne Governor H. Kursat Kirbiyik and governorship staff, philanthropists in our country and all over the world, health workers of Trakya University, search and rescue team, garden team and my Private Secretary, Öğr. See. Kıvanç Ada, Assistant Secretary General Lect. See. Burak Iscimen and Deputy Director of the State Conservatory Dr. Instructor He thanked member Sela Can Dökmeci. – EDIRNE

Son Dika Local Wounds are healed with the support center established in Elbistan – Last Minute

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