Xiaomi continues to release MIUI 14 without slowing down: Here are the new devices!

Chinese firm , MIUI 14 It keeps sending the update to their devices. The company has released the newer interface for one model. Here are the details.

MIUI 14 started fast

One of the most important changes in MIUI 14 is the updated visual design. In the new design, the company has succeeded in presenting a more minimalist aesthetic by emphasizing clean lines on the white areas.

MIUI 14 continues to spread rapidly!

We can say that the new design has given the interface a more modern, fluid look and feel. Also, the update includes new animations and transitions that add some dynamism to the user experience. The new device that received MIUI 14 was the 11T Pro, which also uses European ROM. The interface published for Mi Pilot users at the moment will be published according to the company’s policy if there are no problems.

11T Prowas introduced in 2021. The device, which came out of the box with -based , has received 1 and 1 MIUI update so far. With the 11T Pro MIUI 14 update released today, the device was released in the 2nd edition. Android and it will have received the MIUI update. Android 13 You can find the change log of the new MIUI 14 based on MIUI 14 below.

Build number of the update V14.0.3.0.TKDEUXM’dir. Let’s take a look at the update’s changelog.

[MIUI 14]

  • MIUI now uses less memory and remains fast and responsive for longer periods of time. Attention to detail will take personalization to a new level while redefining it.

[Temel Deneyim]

  • MIUI now uses instant menus and stays fast and responsive for longer periods of time.

[Diğer özellikler]

  • Searching in Settings is now more advanced. Everything looks sharper now with search history and category results.



  • Details redefine and take personalization to a new level. Fewer Supericenes will give your Home screen a new look. (Update Home Screen and Themes to latest version to be able to use Super Icons) Home Screen folders will highlight the apps you need most, keeping them just a tap away from you.

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