Xiaomi has announced the devices that will give the first stable version of MIUI 14!

Xiaomi, announced which devices will receive the stable version of the end user interface MIUI 14, which will bring a number of new features and improvements to their smartphones. In the poster that appeared at the Xiaomi 13 series promotional event yesterday, some models that will receive the stable version draw attention.

MIUI 14 Global can work with less errors on phones with the stable version. With MIUI 14, users can expect a more intuitive, visually diverse and feature-rich experience.

MIUI 14 Stable version comes first to the following models

One of the most noticeable changes in MIUI 14 will be the redesigned user interface with a more modern and minimalist design. The update introduces a new visual style with revamped system apps. The new design also includes super icons, customized wallpapers and revamped home screen widgets.

MIUI 14 Stable version is coming to these devices first!

MIUI 14 will be available on the following devices from Q1 2023

Xiaomi’s newly launched MIUI 14 Global UI is expected to start distribution from March.

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