Xiaomi has outdone itself! Cash and credit cards are now history!

One of the product categories that ‘s works on is augmented reality glasses. Trying to do ambitious work in the sector ‘s latest patent seems to change consumers’ approach to augmented reality glasses.

The last stage of the company, Chinese Patent Office It came to light with the documents shared by According to the resulting patent , QR code fully working on a new augmented reality glasses. The system in the glasses will allow a person wearing the augmented reality glasses to pay in seconds. Cash and credit card to deal with, customersChina seems to be a waste of time. Of course, first of all, the patented technology must be used in a real product…

Patent information contained in the documents, It showcases the technology he’s working on. Accordingly, the augmented reality glasses have special sensors that can scan the user’s environment. There is no information about payment transactions in the current environment. QR code if detected, s augmented reality glasses initiates the authentication process to ensure security. When this stage is successfully completed, the server connection is established and the payment process officially starts. Moreover, this whole process is completed in just a few seconds.

The augmented reality glasses patented by ‘ seem to make our lives much easier.

QR code Issues such as when the augmented reality glasses with integration to the market will be released and what the cost will be still remain unclear.

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