Xiaomi has released MIUI 14 for popular Redmi models!

Chinese technology giant is among the most popular brands, especially with the price-performance models it offers. The company, which has released many devices to compete with , wants to increase the competition by updating these phones.

Note 9S and Note Pro getting updated despite being old

Note 9S and Note 9 Pro models, which are produced with the sub-company of the company and are popular in our country due to their affordable prices, receive the MIUI 14 update, the latest interface of . According to the information from the company, an update roadmap has been created for these devices.

The MIUI 14 update, which will be released for and Note 9S, will bring a significant performance improvement over previous versions of the software. Chinese tech giantIt is expected that the old version MIUI 13 will close its shortcomings with the new MIUI 14.

Exciting development for the Redmi Note 9 series!

Official MIUI Server through (so reliable) according to the latest information Note 9 Pro for the latest internal MIUI build of the device V14.0.1.0 SJZMIXM while, Note 9S if for V14.0.1.0.SJWMIXM will be.

Another striking aspect of these updates is that the software that will come to the devices is -based MIUI 14. Because while the company was developing MIUI 14, it actually developed it in accordance with the newly released 13 operating system. However, has made its interface compatible with the system in order to offer MIUI 14 to older models.

How do you evaluate this development offered by the company for the old models?

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