Xiaomi is switching to the system that will speed up smartphones by 500 MB/s!

USB-C is used in almost every smartphone today. Even with the decision taken by the European Union, in the coming years , 15This can also be used in .

USB 2.0 has been used in some smartphones until now but is currently considered a rather outdated standard. At least it is for . 13 ve K60 Pro They will be the first phones to come with the company’s newly introduced standard.

will speed up its devices with new standard

Chinese blogger Digital Chat Station, ’nin USB-C connector version of this year’s smartphones and tablets 3.x claimed to be equipped with Thanks to this connector, a significant change in transfer speeds will be achieved. was the only company among the top five smartphone manufacturers in China that still has not switched to USB 3.

Maximum transfer rate in theory USB 2.0 for ports 480 Mbps. USB 3’e through the transition, 5 Gbps speed can be achieved. This gives us approximately the maximum 625 MB/s speeds up, but USB 3.0 Since it only uses 8 out of 10 total bits for the transfer, this value multiplied by 0.8 gives 500 MB/S.

As a result, the maximum transfer rate 500 MB/s level, used in the old standard (60 MB/sec) may give better results than

Xiaomi is moving to the new order that will speed up its phones!

This was a big problem for users who transferred large multimedia files to a computer via cable when the old standard existed. If your PC has an external SSD drive, you will feel the difference when you transfer data from Xiaomi phones that come with the new standard.

File transfer via USB OTG will also be noticeably faster. Do you think this decision of the company is a late change? Do not forget to specify in the comments.

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