Xiaomi MIUI Car is coming with an affordable price!

Since the beginning of the year, ’s about the first electric car he will produce A lot of new claims have surfaced. Added to these claims are some new photos of the electric car and the new infotainment system. Here are the details.

Switching to electric with MIUI Car

Users had seen the first design of the electric car on the streets of China before. The vehicle that appeared several times had a lot of camouflage. In fact, this vehicle was used by CEO Lei Jun for harsh winter conditions. While the vehicle is specially camouflaged then came new leaks that revealed the car in all its glory. The similarity with Model 3, one of the company’s biggest competitors, was remarkable.

Xiaomi will present a new entertainment system thanks to MIUI Car!

A new photo has been leaked showing the interior of the vehicle through the glass. When we look at the new leaked photo, we can see that there is no final design yet. Just a lot of cable clutter, the two large screens in the center console are visible.

Lei Jun recently said that the main advantage of ’s electric car will not be in the design, but in the operating system and infotainment system. An article draws attention in the new leak that appeared in the picture above. MIUI Car. In other words, is considering using the operating system interface, which it uses in its smartphones and tablets, in its electric vehicle as well.

Xiaomi MIUI Car is coming with an affordable price!  - Picture : 2

We do not know yet if all this information will be implemented, as these are the first plans has. If the answer is We’ll be able to find out in a few months when Lei Jun will unveil this electric car called MS11. Model under $40,000 It will start production next year with a volume of 300 cars per year.

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