Xiaomi will even offer updates to older models!

According to the latest information, ’s new superstructure MIUI 14 will be able to work stably even on old devices. The company will even offer this interface to the models it launched in 2020 to improve and balance performance.

MIUI 14 may come to older models

, which has made a radical change with the MIUI 14 superstructure, seems to be expanding its update support quite a bit. According to the latest reports, four smartphones are expected to receive this interface more precisely. These phones Note 9, 9, 9T and POCO M3. These models currently running MIUI 13 will be updated to the next version.

The only disadvantage of the update is that the operating system of the phones with MIUI 14 may not be updated to a higher version. Because MIUI 14 both offered by , ve Android 13 developed in line with

Xiaomi will even offer MIUI 14 to older models!

The company plans to offer the new interface with Android 13 to newer models, while offering it to older models with and 12. The Chinese manufacturer has not yet determined when it will start updating the aforementioned smartphones.

Models that will likely be updated in April or May will receive support for China first. It is expected to be released globally later on.

What do you think about MIUI 14 offering its latest superstructure even to such old models?

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