Xiaomi will release the global MIUI 14 version with a special launch!

will be introduced with the special global launch of the new MIUI 14 interface, which will bring new features and improvements to its devices. Let’s take a closer look at the bridal details of this special event, which will be released globally to various , and POCO smartphones in the coming weeks.

MIUI 14 Global ROM comes with special event

One of the most noticeable changes in MIUI 14 will be the redesigned user interface with more modern and minimalist lines. The update can create a new visual style with renewed system applications. The new design will also include super icons, customized wallpapers and revamped home screen widgets.

Now, in the new announcement, has announced that there is a short time left for the launch of the MIUI 14 Global ROM. This information concerns regions outside of China, because MIUI 14 is already used in China.

Xiaomi will release MIUI 14 Globally with the official event!

MIUI 14 Global has actually been used for 1 month. Since then, many Mi Pilot smartphones have received the new interface update.

The statement made by is as follows:For 12 years, MIUI has been dedicated to driving progress in the industry and deepening the collaboration between and hardware from new perspectives. Thanks for all the support and expectations!❤️ MIUI 14 Global launch is coming. Stay tuned! 🥳🔝

MIUI 14 will be officially launched on February 26, 2023 with the 13 series. At the same time, Global launches of new smartphones will take place. When there is a new development, we will inform you here.

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