Xiaomi’s list has been updated! Here are the new models that have been discontinued!

Smartphone production has an increasing graph when we look at the past years. Many companies can produce new phones during the year and cause many models to emerge. At the beginning of these companies, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer There is also.

adds new ones to the models it has cut support for

Samsung, , Oppo ve Like other smartphone manufacturers, the Chinese company has decided to stop updating some models. The feature that distinguishes from other companies is that it produces plenty of phones throughout the year.

Xiaomi adds new models to the list that it has cut support for!

One of the popular models of the company in our country Note When we look at the series, we think you may understand what we mean. The company introduced 2 new top models to this series during the year. It was already expected news that the company, which has a very wide range of smartphones, naturally stopped dealing with sub-models. With the company’s latest decision, we can say that 5 more new models were unplugged.

Supported new models;

  1. POCO X2
  2. K30
  3. K30
  4. Redmi 8
  5. Redmi 8A

When we look at the list, the POCO X2 model, which the company tested the MIUI 13 interface but stopped updating due to the errors found, is one of the most unlucky models. POCO X2 users have been waiting for the MIUI 13 update for a long time. The company, which tested the stable MIUI 13 update for POCO X2 in April, did not release this update due to some errors.

If you are using one of the phones listed above, we recommend that you change it as soon as possible. How do you evaluate this decision taken by ?

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