Xiaomi’s official applications replace Google services!

Sold in our country and many regions We can say that the first thing that draws your attention on phones is Phone, Contacts and Messages, which replace the company’s own interface applications. The Chinese company, which cannot use its own applications due to some laws, may eventually get rid of this situation. Here are the details.

MIUI’s official apps replace apps

As with many other manufacturers, ’s MIUI their roms are divided into some regions.(China, Global, India, EEA, Russia, Turkey, etc.) ROMs have to contain certain conditions according to each country’s own Mobile Applications Distribution Agreement. For example, there are no official applications (such as Phone, Dialer, Messages and Contacts) that should be on phones in our country, by law.

Because some countries require their own practice. However, will now have to make changes under the IMADA contract issued by the Indian government.

MIUI India ROM will have to go through a drastic change. With the important change in Indian laws, all phones in India are now free of ’s mandatory applications. India has made an important adjustment in the Mobile Applications Distribution Agreement (MADA) agreement. Accordingly, the number of mandatory bloatware applications in Google Mobile Services (GMS) for the India region will be greatly reduced.

Google applications (Search, Chrome, Gmail, Photos, etc.) that are mandatory on their phones reduce their dependency on Google Play Store and applications using Google APIs due to the change in the law. In other words, MIUI India will now contain less Google applications, just like Taiwan and Indonesia roms.

Xiaomi's official apps are coming instead of Google!

In addition, with the new change, the Google search bar, Google folder or Play Store icon that appears on the main screen can now be selected on the Setup Wizard screen, depending on the user’s request. If the user does not want to, they can opt out of making these applications of Google the default.

Google have to apply this change to all companies in the India region. With the change, we can see applications such as MIUI Phone and MIUI Messages by default in ’s MIUI India ROM in the coming days. This law, which applies to other brands as well, is expected to come into effect in the second quarter of 2023.

Would you like this step for our country? Do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments.

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