Yahoo lays off 20% of its employees

news, many advertiser’s record It came at a time when it slashed its marketing budgets in response to high levels of inflation and ongoing uncertainty about a recession.

Senior company, year-end ad up reorganizing its unit, preparing to lay off more than half of the department.

The BBC’s A spokesperson said: “These decisions are never easy, but we believe these changes will simplify and strengthen our advertising business over the long term and Yahoo’s We believe it will enable it to deliver better value to our customers and partners.”

Yahoo lays off 20% of its employees

Private equity firm Apollo Global since $5 billion acquisition in 2021 Management’a belonging to Yahoo, He added that this move will allow the company to focus its focus and investment on its flagship advertising business, called DSP, or demand-side platform. That is, layoffs Yahoo’s part of efforts to streamline operations in the advertising unit.

The refocus marks the firm’s intention to stop competing directly with companies like and ’s Meta for digital advertising dominance.

Yahoo the name of the new episode according to its spokesperson Yahoo Advertising will be. “Omni-channel as we redouble our efforts on DSP, we will prioritize support for our leading global customers and include Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports We will relaunch dedicated ad sales teams for Yahoo owned and operated properties, including and more.”

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