YouTube video that crashed phones! Don’t open it!

some smartphones 8K video while others can rival the speed and performance of desktop computers. All this advanced computational power is sometimes It must be said that the video does not equal its awesome power. At least Pixel This seems to be the case for

The video in question Ridley ScottFrom the movie Alien 4K HDR a clip. open the video, Pixel phones It can crash, causing it to reboot and return to the home screen. Reddit writer OGPixel5 seems to be the first to raise this issue. When he shared the problem on his own phone, there were responses from several Pixel users that they were experiencing similar problems.

9to5 da video Pixel 7 Pro Tested it on and saw similar results. The video is able to open, but as soon as I press the Play button, the phone crashes.

Original Reddit According to the title, the issue appears to affect a number of Pixel devices. Although the device said to be experiencing the problem is a Pixel 7 Pro, commenters say the video Pixel 7s, Pixel 6s ve Pixel 6asHe said he crashed it too. In addition, some complain of losing access to cellular connectivity for minutes after the crash.

A user answered the question a few years ago. He theorized that it might have something to do with the wallpaper that kills phones. MrwhosethebossAs noted in his video on the subject, the wallpaper used a different, wider color profile than uses (ProPhoto RGB). This by itself is not a problem as simply converts from one profile to another. However, there was a pixel in the wallpaper whose color values ​​were too much for and crashed the whole system.

Alien It’s possible that something similar could happen in the clip. Maybe a frame from this particular HDR video It’s short-circuiting the color rendering of . If so, it is thought that will release a software update to fix the problem.

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