YouTube went crazy this time! Great raise!

world’s largest TV, the streaming service owned by software company , announced that it will apply a new price increase to its subscribers. The platform, which allows watching television channels and more, is very popular in many countries of the world.

The price was 73 dollars

Streaming service available in the USA TVgoing to price update. According to ’s statement, for new subscribers 8 dollars an increase was applied. Thus, the monthly subscription price It rose to $73. Existing subscribers will not experience a price increase until April 18.

Company, TVHe said that the licensing agreements of the content in . Stating that they had to pass on the increased cost to their customers, the company interestingly 4K Plus package made it cheaper. This plugin is monthly From $20 to $10 will fall.

TV, monthly 15 dollars zam received from 2020 for the first time since. According to ’s statement, this increase is accompanied by new channels and features added to the service. Despite the price increase YouTube TVcontinues to offer more than 100 channels at no annual fee.

in 2021 Launched in .and available on consoles for a long time. YouTube TVappeals to users from many industries. Subscribers are also unlimited DVR storage space and can record up to three broadcasts simultaneously.

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