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CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. Responding to Candan Yüceer’s question regarding counterfeit and adulteration lists, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişçi stated that the analysis of the spices returned by Singapore has not been completed. Reminding that the list of imitation and adulteration has not been announced for 5 months, Dr. Yüceer said, “Public health cannot be postponed or neglected.”

CHP PM Member, Tekirdağ Deputy Dr. Candan Yüceer asked the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişçi, why the list of counterfeit and adulteration was not disclosed and the spices returned by Singapore. Answering the parliamentary question of CHP’s Yüceer, Minister Kirişçi said, “As a result of the audit conducted in 2022 for the products offered for sale by the said company in the country, a criminal complaint was filed against the company to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, and the products with the relevant party-serial number were recalled from the market. In addition, our 81 Provincial Directorates have been instructed to carry out official controls on the product groups of the company that are reflected to the public, and the inspection and analysis processes regarding the samples taken are continuing.”

Evaluating Minister Kirişçi’s response, Dr. Yüceer said, “How can the analysis of spices returned by Singapore not be completed in 2 months? These analyzes should be carried out promptly, and lists of counterfeit and adulteration should be published regularly. Public health cannot be postponed or neglected. The list of companies with counterfeit and adulteration, known as the ‘disclosure list’, announced as a result of the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Food and Control, has not been announced for about 5 months. Food engineers and public health experts emphasize the need to increase controls against counterfeiting and adulteration.”

Banned industrial colorants were detected in spices imported from Turkey in Singapore. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced that industrial colorants that are banned from being used in foods were detected in three spices imported from Turkey. In the statement, it was stated that these substances could potentially cause cancer. Three products of Arifoğlu, the spice brand established in Turkey and selling to the world, were recalled in Singapore. These products consisted of Ground Sumac sold in 250 gram packages, Ground Sweet Pepper in 70 gram package and Chicken Spice sold in 180 gram package.

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