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Republican People’s Party PM Member Tekirdağ Deputy Candan Yüceer announced on her social media account that she will not be a candidate for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections to be held on 14 May.

CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. Candan Yüceer made the following statements in her statement:

“Aware of the historical duty and responsibility our party has assumed, we resisted injustice, unlawfulness, injustice, and all kinds of dark focus, together with our fellow travellers, under the leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, during my five-month short term and four terms as Tekirdağ Member of Parliament, and finally, this darkness will end on 14 May.

While I was feeling the inner peace and pride of working as a soldier in this process together with all those who resisted, I decided to end my duty as a deputy that I carried out with honor and not to be a candidate for the parliament in the upcoming period.

I would like to express my gratitude to my compatriots from Tekirdağ who have brought me to the Turkish Grand National Assembly since 2011, and to all my friends who have walked the path with me.

Now it’s time to reinstall
Now it’s time to sit at Halil İbrahim Table together.
Now is the time to give the service it deserves to our people, who are the sole owners of this table.
We will rebuild this country
This is our debt.
My share of this debt to be paid is to work harder now, to use the knowledge, experience and knowledge I have gained over 12 years for the construction of a bright Tekirdag, a bright Turkey, to fight bravely until the day my country will reach peace, prosperity, justice and democracy.
Dawn has broken!
We will reach a bright, beautiful and peaceful Turkey very soon!
I offer my love and respect to all our citizens with whom we will meet beautiful bright days together.

Here we go, have a good way!”

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