Yücel Çakmaklı was commemorated at the panel held in Zeytinburnu Culture and Arts.

Directorscreenwriter and producer Yucel Cakmakli, Zeytinburnu He was commemorated in the panel titled “Yücel Çakmaklı is 86 Years Old” held in Culture and Arts.

The personality and works of the director Çakmaklı, who successfully adapted many literary works to the cinema and created his own cinematic language, were moderated. Ihsan KabilIt was discussed in the panel undertaken by Ali Osman Emirosmanoğlu, Nazif Tunç and Mesut Bostan as speakers.

Ali Osman Emirosmanoğlu said that he had an interest in cinema when he was at school in 1967, and that Çakmaklı was an assistant in films at that time.

Expressing that they met Çakmaklı in the beginning of 1968 through a school friend, Emirosmanoğlu stated that they went to various film associations together, founded “Elif Film”, and then went to the Kaaba and shot.

Explaining that they shot 8 films with the artist, including “Unifying Yollar”, “Çile”, “Zehra”, “My Daughter Ayşe” and “Diriliş”, Emirosmanoğlu said, “His friends also know, Yücel is very calm, very down-to-earth, very kind, gentle. “He was a friend of ours who behaved kindly. But during the filming, that Yücel leaves and another person comes. He is so ambitious, so aggressive. He sleeps less at night, comes early in the morning. In other words, he would enter a completely different state.” said.

“The Strange Bird movie impressed me”

Director Nazif Tunç also stated that the director of one of the first films he watched was Çakmaklı and gave the following information:

“Yücel brother was the director of one of the first movies I watched in town. İstanbulBefore I came to ‘I had watched a movie called ‘Strange Bird’ in a Thrace town. We didn’t even have money, we couldn’t go inside. In a place called People’s Cinema, the name of the cinema was the People’s Cinema, the municipal cinema. They used to put out the ten-minute beginning of the movie, and when I didn’t have the money, I would try to imagine the movie from the sounds. If the drives on stones, it is in the city or in the town, if it is on the ground, the horses are in the country. I used to watch movies with some illusions that stimulated my imagination. The movie ‘Strange Bird’ impressed me and I almost felt like I was crying while watching it.”

Underlining that there was a time when films about wisdom and faith were not made in art, literature, theater and cinema, Tunç also touched upon Çakmaklı’s desire to make a national cinema and said, “In terms of productions on TRT, Yeşilçam is a little more national than the films in which melodrama patterns are used. We see that he realized more national concerns on TRT, including ‘Play’, ‘Dissolving’, ‘A Very Loud Death’, ‘Creating a Man’, television movies and series. We see that he has to answer.” used the phrases.

“Çakmaklı and Güney brought their audience to the cinema”

Dr. Instructor Member Mesut Bostan with Yücel Çakmaklı Yilmaz GuneyDrawing attention to the fact that Turkish cinema has a different place in Turkish cinema, he said:

“My mother has been living in a house next to a movie theater for years, but she doesn’t go to the movies. ‘Does the teacher go to the movies?’ He doesn’t go. The first movie he went to was Uniting Yollar. In this sense, Yücel Çakmaklı is someone who brought many people who did not go to the cinema to the cinema. Similarly, Yılmaz Güney brought his audience to the cinema. In fact, as Nazif Bey also said, Yeşilçam’s high walls somehow became his own. They are both figures who have made themselves accepted by bringing their audience, learning the craft within the craft, gaining power in Yeşilçam, because Yeşilçam is a place where mostly people and intellectuals from Istanbul find a place.”

At the end of the event, screenwriter Atilla Gökbörü, who participated in the panel, and cinematographer Çetin Tunca, who made important films in Yeşilçam, shared his feelings and thoughts about Çakmaklı.

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