Zorlu Energy will start natural gas supply in Gaziantep after the post-earthquake controls

Zorlu Energy Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras centered, one of the earthquake zones Gaziantepthe Petroleum Transport Inc. with Pipelines(BOTAŞ) natural gas supply to the city transmission network, after the controls to be made, natural gas supply will start as of February 13, primarily for hospitals and bakeries.

According to the statement made by the company, the natural gas supply of the residences will be provided to the residences, which are granted a residence permit after damage assessment, as soon as possible after the leak checks.

Zorlu Energy, which took action quickly for safe natural gas supply after the great earthquake in the region, started its operations in Gaziantep on February 9, after BOTAŞ supplied gas to the transmission network. OSBIt started to supply natural gas to .

Zorlu Enerji transferred Trakya Gaz teams to the region in order to ensure the rapid supply of natural gas in the city. İzmir İzmirGaz, Kirsehir KIRGAZ, Adapazarı AGDAŞ and Eskisehir With the support of Esgaz teams, it continues its work without slowing down.

In this context, subscribers residing in buildings with residence permits throughout Gaziantep are sent via SMS on the day of internal installation control.SMS) will be notified and they will be asked to be in their buildings during the control process.

The gas inlets of the dwellings whose owners cannot be reached during the controls will be cut off for reasons and an information note will be left on their doors. Natural gas will not be supplied to buildings that are not granted a residence permit.

Son Dika Economy Zorlu Energy will start natural gas supply in Gaziantep after post-earthquake controls – Last Minute

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